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Erotisk Massage Etikette

Erotic Massage Label

Erotic Massage Label

As with any kind of professional massage, there is a suitable erotic massage label to follow.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these tips before enjoying sensual and erotic stimulation.

These guidelines ensure that you experience exactly the increased joy that you had hoped for.


Good label:     

Always take a bath before your massage.

Your masseur may sometimes help you with this and wash your body before massage. Remember to agree further.


Let your beautiful masseuse know what you like. Although your massage is just about completely relaxing and enjoying the experience, it is useful to let her know about ultra-sensitive areas or specific style of sensual stimulation that you like.

 Be polite and respectful.

Your masseur is focused on your body, your pleasure and your intimate needs, so be aware of this.


If this is your first erotic massage, it is natural to feel a little shy, nervous or anxious. Relax and remember that your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Expect action from the start.

You will be offered a cleansing shower or bathing ritual before the sensual massage begins. This is an erotic massage that matches intimate and exciting prelude.    

Do not communicate too much.

Focus on your pleasure. Don't expect your masseur to deliver everything you ask for.

Book during illness

Do not book any type of erotic or sensual massage when you are ill. The stimulating strokes provide the release of toxins into the body and make you feel even more under the weather.

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