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Escort  og erotisk massage blog

Nyheder fra tryst.dks erotiske verden.

Alt om købesex og erotiske massage klinikker og escort piger fra hele Danmark.

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Escort piger og sexlegetøj

Escort piger og sexlegetøj   Introduktion af sexlegetøj i soveværelset kan virkelig forbedre den seksuelle akt, især når du booker en eskorte i Danmark.   At lege med forskellige voksne sexlegetøj kan være meget sjovt. Du kan se din partners spænding, når de bruger legetøjet på sig selv, eller få en eskorte til at bruge […]

Erotic Massage Label

As with any kind of professional massage, there is a suitable erotic massage label to follow. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with these tips before enjoying sensual and erotic stimulation. These guidelines ensure that you experience exactly the increased joy that you had hoped for. Good etiquette: Always take a [...]

Booking af escort 2019 – Guide til hvordan du bedst laver et møde med en escort i Danmark

Booking af escort 2019 – Guide til hvordan du bedst laver et møde med en escort i Danmark   Har du lyst til en escort men er usikker på processen? Vi giver dig tips til hvordan man bedst en aftale med en escort i Danmark   Her er nogle få tips som du kan følge […]

Big busty escorts in Denmark

If you are looking for a large-barred escort in Denmark then we have the girls for you. Every man has his favorite part of the female body, for some it is the face, for others it is the legs or the numb. However, a body part that many men cannot stand is the breasts. This part of the woman's anatomy looks […]

Deep Throat Escort Girls in Denmark: How Deep Can They Go?

Find deep throat escort girls at Many think giving a blowjob is a simple service, but there are some escorts in Denmark who are experts in deepthroath blowjobs. These girls really enjoy oral stimulation and understand the powerful effect it has on a man. Getting good at giving blowjobs and [...]

Are you going to start as an escort? - Here are good advice on what to consider

Are you going to start as an escort? - Here's good advice on what to consider Getting into the sex industry as a new escort girl is exciting, and it can also be a daunting task. Like any new business, it requires research, knowledge, and little mistakes and trials to find your feet. Just like […]

Erotic Massage Label

Erotisk Massage Etikette Som med enhver form for professionel massage er der passende erotisk massage etikette at følge. Vi anbefaler at du bør gøre dig bekendt med disse tips inden du nyder sensuel og erotisk stimulering. Disse retningslinjer sikrer, at du oplever nøjagtigt den øgede glæde, som du havde håbet på.   God etikette:      […]

Want to impress an escort girl? Here you get 6 kissing tips you can try

Have you always wanted to kiss an escort and completely relax in the legs? Let's help you, ladies and gentlemen. There's nothing worse than an awkward lip fight with your naughty date. If your date only gets dull kisses from you, they will never see you more than once and [...]

Escort slang and expression that all customers should master!

Are you a beginner who will try to meet new professional escort girls one day? Before you go out, you need to know that there is a particular hose used in the escort industry, terms that you need to know and use to fit in and avoid errors and misunderstandings. Here […]

Be aware of what you can expect from an escort

Expectations for Your First Meeting with an Escort Like going to a hairdresser, hair salon or spa, there are many unwritten rules on escorts. They offer the customer a service consisting of human interaction and you can expect many small rules and desires, just like any other similar business transaction. There are specialized expressions, […]