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Skal du starte som en escort? – Her er gode råd til hvad du skal overveje

Are you going to start as an escort? - Here are good advice on what to consider

Are you going to start as an escort? - Here are good advice on what to consider

Getting into the sex industry as a new escort girl is exciting, and it can also be a daunting task. Like any new business, it requires research, knowledge, and little mistakes and trials to find your feet. Like any other company, it also takes time to establish itself and build a regular clientele. You need to have time and patience.

When many start, some escorts choose to work for a bureau or brothel before they become independent. Other escort girls decide to start alone as an independent escort. If done right, the rewards can be very high.

We receive many emails every week from people who want to enter the escort industry and seek advice on a number of topics.
We would like to cover some of the most frequently asked questions in this blog.

Here we will give you some information about where to start - things you need to be aware of and links to important resources.


Men are extremely visual creatures, and images are extremely important. Good quality sensual photos can mean the difference between a client who clicks on the thumbnail or one who skips to another escort profile.

Your escort images must be of the highest quality. They do not need to be taken by a professional photographer, but they must have a good quality. The escort industry is very competitive - it is important that your pictures stand out. Out of the many profiles to choose from, your photos need to quickly capture the customers' attention and get him to pick up the phone to contact you.



Each escort determines her rates in her own way, which will be based on many factors.
Here are some of the ways to determine an hourly rate:



There are some services that will generally be delivered at a higher price than others. For example, escorts who provide erotic relaxation (not sexual) services may charge a slightly lower rate than escorts that provide a full service.
A Girlfriend experience (GFE) will often be charged at a lower price than a Porn Star Experience (PSE).
Some specific services may also be charged at an additional cost.



It is important to know the current average price that escorts charge in your city. This can be found by examining several profiles in your city. You will see that each advertiser's prices vary, but after looking at a few profiles, you can create an average.

Once you know the average price, make a decision as to whether you want to charge the average price or a higher or lower rate. Some new escort girls decide to charge a lower price to be more competitive when they start. Others decide to put their rates higher.

Many escorts provide a reduced rate for long bookings such as several hours, dinner dates and nights. A reduced price for a longer reservation can help encourage customers to book longer by reducing the hourly rate as the booking length increases.

There are many variables when it comes to pricing, and it may take some time to establish yourself and discover which prices work best for you. Be prepared to be flexible until you find your ideal rates - it can take some time and research.



It is important to remember that the only person who can dictate your prices is you. No matter how low or high your prices are, there will always be customers trying to negotiate. You need to be strong and let customers know there is no room for negotiation.
If you decide to change your prices or give a special price, it is because you have chosen to do so.


Privacy - Do you want to show your face, or do you want to keep your identity private?

This is a great decision and something that you can only take. Some escorts in Denmark choose to show their face, and others do not.
It is important to take the time to decide which method suits you, your lifestyle and personal circumstances.

If you decide to keep your face hidden for personal reasons, there are several techniques you can use as:

  • prune your face
  • blur your face
  • taking the pictures from an angle where your face is hidden by your hair, your hands or using an emoji, etc.

Take time and browse through's website. You will find many examples of good pictures and styles that discreetly store the face.


No matter how much you want to keep your identity private, you should never use images of another person in your escort ad. It is a violation of copyright, in some countries it is against the law, and it is a very bad practice that will create mistrust. Although you look very much like the person in the pictures, it is something to be avoided.

There are many different and creative ways that escort girls can have beautiful images that still hide their identity. Many of the photographers who work with escort have experience with various techniques to keep your privacy.


The importance of having a recognizable profile

It is not uncommon for new escorts in the industry to advertise under several different profile names, but use the same images and / or contact information. This can cause confusion with the customers and it can cause them to suspect your profile to be false.
If a client finds your ad on several different escort guides and sees the use of different names, it can automatically create suspicions and it can make them believe your images are fake.

It's important to create trust, so make sure your escort name is consistent on all websites.



A common mistake for new escorts is to choose an escort name and start using it without any research. This is problematic for a couple of reasons. There may be existing escorts / escorts who have been in the industry for some time - some well-known or established ones who will not appreciate the use of their "name". Although it may have been done in an innocent manner, many people will not see it that way. It's not the best way to start your escort career.
There may also be confusion with the customers if several escorts have the same name, as they may confuse you for another. Even if you look very different, it can happen and it has happened many times.



When choosing an escort name, it is best to stick to it as long as possible. It is not smart to change it often. Being established and building regularly and repeating customer customers and building a name for yourself, it is important that customers find you. If you change your escort profile name, old links to your original name will not work and repeat clients trying to find you may be unsuccessful.



Which contact method is most convenient for you - email, phone or both?
If you want to receive contact by phone, you need to decide how you will receive inquiries; via phone call, text message or both?

Do you want to answer private (blocked) numbers?

(Many escorts do not answer calls from private numbers to help them with their client screening)

When creating your email or phone, it is important to keep your escort contact information separate from your personal contact information. Buy a new phone and a number for your escort business, and create a new email address.
When you create the email address, be aware of your display name and what information is public. Test your email and make sure no personal information is displayed (eg your display name).



There are many choices of escort guides to advertise on. Choose a prominent escort index with a strong search engine presence and customer service.

There are also many free websites that you can advertise on. Before choosing where to advertise, it's important to make sure you can control the content of your ad. If you have your photos and profile information placed on a site that has no customer service and no way to edit your ad, it may be a problem in the future. Your profile may be outdated and old information may be incorrect. If you ever need to temporarily take your profile offline, please know that the ad can be removed.

If you decide to retire in the future and you cannot remove your profile information and photos from a website, then they can be online for many years to come. is Denmark's real escort guide. Our website receives a large volume of traffic and is very prominent, found on the front page of search engines throughout Denmark. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service and will work hard to promote you and your escort brand. advertising prices:
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