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Vær klar over hvad du kan forvente af en escort

Be aware of what you can expect from an escort

Expectations for your first meeting with an escort

Like going to a hairdresser, hair salon or spa, there are many unwritten rules on escorts. They offer the customer a service consisting of human interaction and you can expect many small rules and desires, just like any other similar business transaction. There are specialized expressions, acronyms, induendo and protocols, but everything is easily learned and mostly based on mutual respect and compliance with the agreed framework.


The first meetings with an escort can be a bit nerve provoking, especially for first-time customers. But you need to know that what you pay in advance can help you balance your expectations. Of course, there are some disadvantages. You don't know who they are or how they treat their customers, and most importantly, you don't know anything about their health.

Therefore, it is best to check a reputable escort guide, such as our website before contacting an escort. This way, you can be sure, since all our escorts are controlled manually at regular intervals.


The escorts we know and have on our site usually offer both incoming calls and outgoing calls. They are clean, safe, discreet and probably work from a room such as. An apartment where you can have a great time without worry.

Check out their ads and read their reviews; Examine what they offer and learn what to expect from them.


Learn a little in advance so you know what you prefer, be it Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or Porn Star Experience (PSE) because they are two very different service options.

When you meet your companion, pay for your chosen services within the first 10 minutes, whether you give it directly to her or put it on a table or other. After all, it's a business transaction. Most companions do not count the money in front of you, but they can do this while you are in the shower, so try not to fool her or offer an advance on the entire payment.


It's okay to be nervous during the first meeting, but don't try to worry too much about it. A good escort girl will be able to see if you are nervous.

If you are both honest and straightforward from the start and you offer your escort as much detail as possible about your fantasies, you will most likely have a good experience.

Just enjoy it!


See all ours escort girls in Denmark
and book an unforgettable escort pleasure.

Remember to write a review of the girl afterwards and make sure you prepare by reading others escort news and tips.

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