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Vil du imponere en escort pige? Her får du 6 kysse tips du kan prøve af

Want to impress an escort girl? Here you get 6 kissing tips you can try

Have you always wanted to kiss an escort and completely relax in the legs? Let's help you, ladies and gentlemen.

There's nothing worse than an awkward lip fight with your naughty date. If your date only gets dull kisses from you, they will never see you more than once and with a little luck it helps to make your escort date a little extra wet.

Good kisses have a super positive effect. Your partner will demand more of that kind right away! Want to become an expert on this art? We're here to help with some important tips. We promise you will be known as a fantastic kiss in no time!


Fresh and good breath

The first tip to remember before you meet an escort girl for the first time is this: bad breath is a big no-no. No one will get close to your mouth if it smells really bad from there. Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a pack of chewing gum in your car, bag, pocket, etc. Also, do not eat anything that contains lots of fat, sugar and spices. Stay away from garlic, onions, dairy products, tuna and coffee as well. Cabbage, broccoli, sprouts and the like will make you bloated, which in turn will give the mouth a raw smell. Huge turn-off for everyone.


So your lip

Nothing says "you turn me on" than the moment someone licks their lips. It's sensual and seductive, and you'll want to make your escort wild. Moisten your lips with a little lip balm or use your tongue instead.


Imitate the movement of your dates

When the escort opens their mouths, you also need to open your mouth. If they take your arms around you, do the same. These are body signals that tell you that you are really good at kissing. See how they respond and you want to know what to do to adjust your technique and make them feel comfortable.


Tongue kiss slow

The tongue can be a wonderful thing if you know how to use it. Does your escort date look like they want to see tongue kissing with you? Use your tongue gently first to see how they react and make sure you have agreed this in advance!



Spend some time kissing your escort girl's neck for a moment while breathing in and pulling away. She or he will surely think about this and come to think of the other naughty things you can with your lips. As your lips as you breathe and use slow candy while you are between the legs of your date, use your tongue to lick them all over your body and see how they react. If they start moaning, you're on the right track.


Less is more

Limitations are always good. Do you have a naughty escort date and want to show you on your best side? Start slowly, especially when it comes to kissing. You will be considered a considerate partner who wants their date to feel like a queen.

Start kissing their lips softly, even if they allow you more, you can become more kinky. They will certainly like to experience other things with you later.

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